Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tapering down with one week to go

Sort of.......

This past weekend, I ran the 13Relay with my pals at the Training Room (www.trainingroomboston.com), and ran from Quincy to Provincetown with 5 friends. My run legs were 8.7, 11.5, and 8.6 miles, at 7pm, 3:45am, and 2:30pm and I averaged a 9:24 pace over the 28.8 miles. We came in 2nd in our category, thanks to my super speedy teammates (we nicknamed me the turtle)! I felt surprisingly good, so on Monday night, I went out for a fast MTB ride with my LUNA Chix teammates (www.teamlunachix.com). I have to be sure that I am well rested and not over-trained, because too much exercise could result in a higher level of creatinine in my kidneys and if it is too high, it might postpone the surgery since they draw levels on the morning of the surgery. With one week to go, it is time to drop the intensity (rather than the volume). I have to teach four spin classes, and am planning on 4 rides with the Chix (2 MTB and 2 road), one trail run and 1-2 lifting sessions in the gym. When I think about it in my head, it doesn't seem like a lot, but when I read it, YIKES! That is a lot! I plan to go easy on the spin classes and maybe cut out the trail run if my body is feeling tired.

One week until go time!

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