Monday, June 7, 2010

Few steps forward.....

And the risk of a few back. I had my doctor's appointment on Friday. The nephrologist is completely stumped as to why I am having such dizziness. The good news is that I am actually showing signs that are consistent with my symptoms. When I was lying down, my BP was 124/78. When I stood up, it plummeted to 84/78 and then normalized after a few moments. She can't see any reason why this is happening, so she consulted with a cardiologist, my anesthesiologist and a neurophysiologist. They all agreed that I should go in for autonomic testing to figure this all out. I REALLY hope there isn't something wrong. I think I'd be happy with a "we have no idea, just be careful". I don't want to go on medication, I am feeling strong when I exercise (relatively strong), so I don't want to have to take any steps back.

The good news - I ran for the first time on Saturday! My pal Miriam and I went into the Fells for an hour and we walked for the first 10 minutes, ran for at least 30 minutes and then walked out for the last 10 minutes. It felt great! A little bit of soreness at the incision, but nothing I couldn't suffer through.

On Sunday, I swam 2000 yards. And then today, I rode for 26.5 miles on a pretty hilly route. It felt great! I'm happy that I have been able to re-introduce some intensity back into my training. I can feel it, though. On efforts that normally may not have been tough, I am sucking wind! Hopefully that means I will peak for Timberman, unlike my normal pattern of training, where by August I am so burnt out that I fall asleep on the side of the course (which I've actually done.....dropped out of a race a few years back and passed out asleep on the side of the course while other racers rode on by.......terrible).

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