Friday, June 25, 2010

Been on the move

Wow, its been awhile since I updated this. Why? Cuz I've been TRAINING! Yeeeah! (I've also been working and writing, but that's not as much fun to chat about). Today marks my sixth week since I was released from the hospital. Its almost hard to believe that I only have one kidney. I am feeling on schedule with my training, and ready to rock some longer sessions.

So far my longest training days have been:
Thursday, 6/17, PM - 8 mile run with my teammate Robin (who is a champ. She is a smoking fast runner and she willingly ran a VERY slow 8 with me.)
Friday, 6/18, AM - 37 mile ride, with hills! I did this by myself and didn't actually intend to ride 37, but I got kinda lost :).
Thursday, 6/24, AM - one mile open water swim (I did this after 3 1-mile hill repeats on the bike, so it was more than just a long swim, it was a brick - at 5:45a!!)

I'm now back on somewhat of a schedule. I will be working 16 hours a week as an RN (which I started this week) and I have to stay on schedule with my writing for MIT since we are trying to get a paper submitted by the end of the summer. Plus the course I teach at Tufts (oh, and my spin classes). So I'm hoping that I will be able to sustain my energy levels.

This weekend consists of a rest day tomorrow and a long ride with Greg on Sunday. We are going to go for 40-45. Next weekend I'm heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A friend of mine who lives there is trying to help me get a nice road bike for the weekend. Looking forward to riding somewhere new!

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